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Weddings with FotoVie

A sip of water.

"Maybe I should grab one last bite of food before it all begins..."

After all, she's been awake and going since 'this-is-way-too-early-for-an-afternoon-wedding' o'clock'; hair done, makeup done, and a hundred other things-- all finally done.

She's finally in her dress and shoes. 'Shoes on' means commitment.

She stands and turns around to see all the faces in the bustling changing room, feeling humbled and excited...

" do I look?"


The suit is on, his hair is done. He quickly checks his teeth and looks at the time on his watch.

He takes a deep breath, looks thoughtfully at himself in the mirror and wonders: "Is it cliche to look in the mirror to adjust their bow tie like they do in the movies?"

"Ah, what the heck."

He straightens his bow tie and smiles. "Just like in the movies."

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All Packages include:

  • Free consultation

  • 1-hour engagement shoot, free!

  • Jumbo 11'x14' Photobook of the event (see images for page counts)

  • 270+ High-resolution digital images (see images for image counts)

  • Expert in-house post-production editing

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The easy choice to ensure your whole event is captured--

From hair and makeup to the reception dance floor!

Package includes:

  • Free consultation

  • 2-hour engagement shoot, free!

  • 90-page, deluxe 11'x14' Photobook of the event

  • 900 High-resolution digital images

  • Expert in-house post-production editing

10-hour Wedding Package
2,850.00 4,000.00
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We know you want to capture all the moments on your special day. FotoVie's expertise will provide you with exceptional photo coverage to catch all the little moments that make your wedding-day event unique.


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