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A different kind of Portrait Photographer

Although having the right equipment is important, would it surprise you to know that it’s more critical to know how to frame and compose the shot?  More critical to know how to examine the light, the colours, the shapes, the environment?

Although my eyes lay behind a camera and lens which sum is approximately $8000 at any given moment when I’m in the middle of a shoot, it’s not the most important factor.  


Actually, having studied art and archaeology, I can say that I shoot more from my art side than I do from a technical perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know your equipment and to understand it, but it should never overpower the creative process.  Being able to break down a scene into shapes and lines, to understand the importance of color theory and how to use it to your advantage, know the different qualities that light has to offer, being able to decide what goes inside the frame and what to leave out, and how to use negative space are all crucial elements in the creative process.  Important because we don’t just want a shot to be a snapshot, but a creative work that goes beyond a snapshot and defines a moment in a new light.

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