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TechieTalk: Bright Whites, Wedding Days, and You!

Planning an outdoor wedding?

This post comes shortly after the spring weather starts to agree with the general public.  This signals the annual kickoff for wedding season.

Generally speaking, those couples who are planning a spring or summer wedding are hoping for a sunny day.  An abundance of natural light helps lift the mood of the event to inspire big smiles and fun times with your family and friends.  Whether the venue is an outdoor garden or a skylight-heavy hotel ballroom—there’s no doubt that everybody is hoping for beautiful weather to showcase the newlyweds.

On these beautiful days, it’s important to have the right photographer ensure photographs look as true to colour and spirit as if one saw them with their own eyes. 

A trained photographer will be on keen to ensure proper exposure technique.  Over-exposure is a common issue all cameras will experience on auto settings if not adjusted for the scene. 

For example; a bride being photographed with incorrect adjustments will have the wedding dress overexposed. 

This means that large portions of the dress would go to ‘pure white’.  This is an upper limit on brightness in a photograph absent of any sort of detail or texture.  Any embroidery, beading, or textile finishing on the garment will be irretrievable in post-processing within photographs that include portions that are over exposed.

A cropped portion to showcase proper technique when displaying whites. 

A cropped portion to showcase proper technique when displaying whites. 

Sunny weather will also impart hard shadows and extreme highlights to subjects and scenery, giving a harsh spotty look which detracts from main photo subjects.

With consideration to these points, one may see that a professional photographer is a valuable asset to include in the wedding experience in order to capture photos that show the best of the wedding couple.

FotoVie has the background and education which covers colour theory, composition, layering, and the ability to predict when special moments will happen.  These skills are vital for producing photographic works which pack powerful punch and evoke a response from the audience.  We match tech know-how and art direction to deliver photos which make our snapshots the ones you want look at again and again.