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Print Shop update! (Bundles, Photobooks, and a new size!)

New packages have now been uploaded to the website.  An invite will be sent out tomorrow capturing the details of the new additions which include lower prices and bundles!

Check out FotoVie’s Print Shop to see our:

  • digital bundle
  • new 4”x 6” bundle
  • hardcover 8”x 11” photo book which includes 30 strong pre-selected images and 2 images of the purchaser’s choice
    • These pre-selected images chronicle the Canada 150 event in full-colour spanning the entirety of each page.  This item will also include 2 additional images chosen by the purchaser to be bound within the book’s 30 pages.
  • Photo book is also available in a digital version; 32 images for 29.99!).

And more!

My favourite of all of these new packages would be the hard cover photo book.  Not everybody has room for a framed print to be mounted on a wall— and the photo book is a great solution for this.  The book enables the viewer to enjoy and share many large format images with ease in a powerful format.  In addition to the pre-selected images which capture the event as a whole, the purchaser can add up to two portraits or their personal favourites of their choice to be placed in the book.  

I always recommend that people do not underestimate the power of print.  It will always have a stronger impact than an image on a screen.  The book format also is great for sharing these moments with friends and family and can be stored away on a coffee table or in a book shelf

Please don't hesitate to share any feedback or suggestions.  We are trying our best to present options so that everybody has the opportunity to enjoy their happy memories.


John-Evan Snow